Monday, 23 April 2018

Australian hospitals fail to meet rising demand for obesity care, experts say

Australia's public hospital system is not adequately resourced to treat the 1 million adults who currently live with clinically severe obesity, a new study has found.

'They come in here broken': The recovery centre putting soldiers back together again

Rifleman Brett Humphrey is only 26 years old, but despite being fit and able-bodied, he suffers from epilepsy and can't return to his old job. That's where the Soldier Recovery Centre steps in.

US veteran receives world's most extensive penis transplant

A former serviceman who was injured in an explosion in Afghanistan says he is recovering well after a highly experimental transplant last month that involved a 14-hour operation by Johns Hopkins University doctors.

How to make sense of contradictory health news

It seems like every day there's a new piece of health advice in the news that contradicts the advice we got yesterday. So here are seven litmus tests to help you sort science from pseudoscience.

Virus related to HIV dates back 9,000 years, affecting thousands of Australians

A highly carcinogenic virus affecting thousands of Australians and dating back 9,000 years, needs to have a co-ordinated public health response, researchers say.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

PNG woman returns home after being held in Australian detention

Health authorities working in Australia's far north, right near the maritime border with Papua New Guinea, say they're worried Australian officials are cracking down on PNG nationals coming down seeking life-saving medical attention.

Big Red Kidney Bus