Thursday, 17 August 2017

Queensland pharmacies running low on flu drug Tamiflu

In the midst of one of the worst flu seasons on record, supplies of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu are running low in Queensland pharmacies with fresh supplies unlikely to be available until September.

Mums cross political divide to save their sick kids.

Their sons were born premature and require around-the-clock care. Now two mothers — one a Republican, one a Democrat — are reaching across the political divide to campaign for better health care for all Americans.

Mental health art program helps SA patients' recovery

Art program sees progress in mental health recovery

Trainee doctors give hospitals a C average on report card

A survey of trainee doctors does not paint a pretty picture of on-the-job training in New South Wales.

Louisiana mums cross political divide to save their children

Jessica Michot is a Democrat, Angela Lorio is a Republican. Both are desperate to save the federal health funding that is keeping their sons, born prematurely, alive.

'Do I really need this test': Overdiagnosis leading to unnecessary treatments, doctors say

A coalition of Australian healthcare organisations says too many patients are being diagnosed with medical conditions that do not pose a threat to them, leading to unnecessary treatments that cause more harm than good.

Banned drinker register 2.0 passed by NT Parliament

New restrictions for people who are found to be drink drivers or problem drinkers will come into effect in the Northern Territory from September 1.