Saturday, 21 July 2018

Physios shouldering the burden of overloaded reusable shopping bags

Shoppers are warned not to overload their bags at the checkout after reports of an increase in injuries from people trying to carry crammed reusable bags.

'Without betel nut I feel dead': Will a famed PNG singer's brush with cancer break the country's buai-chewing tradition?

George Telek has been chewing 'buai' — a highly addictive mixture of betel nut, slaked lime powder and mustard — for most of his life. But when doctors were forced to remove a cancerous mouth tumour earlier this year, he now says he's too "scared to chew".

Crocodiles, jellyfish and tropical disease: Doctors flock to the NT for a taste of the wild

All kinds of people chase adventure in the Northern Territory — none more so than in the medical field, where tropical diseases, conditions long since eradicated in other developed nations and unique predators makes for a fascinating array of patients.

Out of the classroom and onto the airwaves for disengaged students

A shared love of music has brought a group of struggling students together to produce a radio program, improving their communication and confidence.


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